Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Brady Bunch

We've had all this before, the falling on ones own sword made of jelly, the fake atonement, the heartfelt apology, "if only we knew then what we know now", etc etc....The wringing of our hands. The nation has allowed the rape, torture and inhumane treatment of children and vulnerable human beings since its foundation. People in authority, people in power, and the general society close themselves down to this fact in the hope that somehow we'd grow out of it. Good luck to Fergus Finley if the abuse that happened to him didn't destroy his life, but for many they didn't get a life, they died in miserable circumstances in institutions. While many went on to live miserable existences with others taking their own lives. Still to this day, the ruling class and the powerful State, turn it into a media circus, no police involvement, no arrests, just the continued grotesque of the pathetic Irish State. They're happier with their hands in the grubby till. They're happier when they're praising themselves for their great missionary work elsewhere but when it comes to hometruths and honesty and accountability about our own trespass, indifference and cruelties, we are nowhere to be seen. The old saying evil thrives when so called good people turn a blind eye. Where are our poets, where are our artists, where are our honest voices? What we get are experts and specialists, religious correspondents, masquerading as philosophers and visionaries. What if Christy Mahon had come across the villagers in the playboy of the Western world and told them he had been raped by a priest? Would he have received the warm welcome, the adoration? I think not. They would have probably stoned him. Wake up to the fact that this is an immature society, uncomfortable in its very essence, with reality and truth. Brady is of the same flesh and blood as the rest of Irish society who wished to cover up its past and bury its wrong doing. Its easy to scapegoat him now to stone him and ridicule him and then replace him with exactly the same clone from Rome. Nothing changes till all changes. One thing for certain we are on a journey to some difference, I'm not sure what that difference will make. I would hope that it would lead to a changed Irish society and a changed Irish people. We cannot continue to live in a fake image of ourselves, that we're Irish and we're wonderful. We're not wonderful and the proof is all over the place. Best to own it now, it will be the making of us. Truth only comes at the cost of standing in your own fear, then comes courage and progress. We need to make Ireland a place that we want to live in. And no matter how much money we win or lose, its not possible to live without truth and the Vatican and the vicars of Rome don't have a monopoly on that. They've no intentions of owning up or being accountable. Best leave them in their own ruin and let society deal, with what is afterall, a societal issue. Finally, to the Garda commissioner and the Minister for Justice, either do your job or hand your seal of office in and bring you uniform back up to the HQ in the park and hand it in. To the journalist Brian D'arcy, stick with the principles of the matter and not your personality. If you all want to do something solid and send a message to these people sign the petition below and pass it on. And remember, there is goodness, there is care and there is love.