Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Motion to postpone monument agreed at DCC meeting

Last night at the Dublin City Council meeting the below motion was passed.

That this Council calls on the current government to delay proceeding with a monument to victims of abuse as recommended by the Ryan Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse, until such time as the many unresolved, uninvestigated and outstanding issues concerning the abuses for which Irish society is responsible, in particular those affecting the Magdalene women, those who endured abuse in Bethany children's homes and the many children who suffered horrendous abuse in day schools throught the Republic of Ireland are resolved.

To proceed at this time with a Government sactioned and financially supported artistic memorial before the said issues are addressed and redressed would inevitably be seized upon as closure by the abusers, their congregations and managements, and as a pretext for the evasion of accountability and truth by them and by the Irish State.

For more information see www.stopthemonument.com

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Do You Live In Grangegorman, Dublin?

Anyone who wants to participate in this should have a read of the nomination process and have a say in the development that will be taking place in this area over the coming months/years.  It is very important that you have residents on this board and consultative group that will represent all your interests.  Be informed of what is going to be taking place in your area.  Have a say!  


Nomination Process for Board and Consultative Group Elections 2012 - Grangegorman

Once the registration period for groups has closed the process of nominations will begin.


1. The GDA will publish two lists of registered groups;

A. Registered Residents and Tenants Associations

B. Registered Community Groups and Associations including Resident and Tenant

Associations, Parish and District Groups, Youth and Sports Clubs and similar

non‐commercial groups in the Grangegorman neighbourhood.

2. The GDA will write out to all new registered groups informing them that the nomination

process has begun. The nomination period will last for one week from 25th September

until 3rd October 2012.


3. All nominees must have nominations from at least two relevant registered groups. It is

important to note that only associations from list A may nominate for the Board

elections. Associations and Groups from list A and B can nominate for the Consultative

Group elections.


4. All nominees must satisfy the following criteria in order to be eligible for election

A. Be resident in the GDA area (see map below)

B. Be on the register of electors in the area

C. Be nominated by at least 2 registered groups

If a nominee does not satisfy all three criteria he/she will be deemed ineligible for the



5. If a person wishes to put themselves forward for election they must write to the

Grangegorman Development Agency. The letter must include;

A. The name and address of the nominee

B. The position for which they are going forward for

C. The groups which are nominating them (a signature of one of the authorized

officers of these groups is required here.)


6. Once the nomination period closes on 3rd October 2012 the GDA will check all nominees

to ensure they are valid and the full list of valid nominees will then be sent to all

registered groups.


7. The election meeting will take place on Thursday 25th October 2012. Each registered

group will be entitled to send two representatives to the meeting. Each representative

will have one vote and voting will take place through secret ballot. Only representatives

of associations from list A can vote in the Board election. Representatives from

Associations/Groups on list B can vote in the Consultative Group election.


8. The result of the ballot will be announced as soon as possible after the counting is



9. Should a person be elected for both the Board and the Consultative Group he/she must

choose which position to accept. The other position will then be filled by the person

with the next highest amount of votes in the relevant election.



The pdf includes the boundary map


GG_Election_2012_Nomination_Process.pdf Download this file