Friday, April 9, 2010

Another night-out of the Theatre Darling........

So here we are all again, on the outside of the inside looking on, looking out, just looking - gobsmacked at the level of no access, no backstage pass, no front stage pass and all the excuses - there is no excuse. It would appear the biggest disability is the blindness by those who have the ability who are charged with fixing things making things better fulfilling obligations. We're institutionalised when we should be outraged. We're not poweless so lets not turn the other cheek and make more excuses. The Abbey Theatre, Peacock Stage is not fit for purpose. There should be a warning sign to the public in relation to these buildings that they do not have universal access, that will enable us to have informed consent as to whether we would want to present our work there.
Personally I don't feel great at all with the turn of events at the Peacock in relation to the accessibility for individuals with accessibility needs. It is important to note that the Abbey Talks are upstairs in the Abbey and are inaccessible to people with disability also so the Abbey Peacock are both unfit for purpose in this instance.
No point in listening to the same old nonsense from the nonsense machine, its as bland as 'the cheque is in the post' you gotta fight for your rights and you gotta fight against indifference and othering. The cultural so-called community, who slurp up almost 500 million a year in funding haven't any shining example of universal access. Perhaps now is the time to turn this issue into a positive campaign as Dublin City Council debates the Cities Draft Dev. Plan for the next few years. I certainly intend to make it paramount and one of my primary purposes during my stay at DCC. There is indeed now time for at least one cultural space that addresses all the issue around accessibility for disability. We need to end 'othering' and segregation, because thats really what it is. If silence is violence what do you call whats unfolding at the Abbey at the moment, and what do you call my part in this diabolical situation? Had I of known there was no access for all i wouldn't be in the place so a part of me is lost and is out there wandering around out-of-body, out-of-spirit, estranged. I intend to address this issue and my reattachment of body and mind soul and spirit by providing a performance complimentary to all in a venue with universal access by Sunday 2nd May. I will announce the time and the place when me and the venue find each other. My sincere apolagies to all those who are offended by me in relation to this matter. Allow me make amends.

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