Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Changes at Temple Bar Cultural Trust

Mr Ray Yeates, Dublin City Arts Officer appointed CEO, managing director of Temple Bar Cultural Trust




Dublin City Council Public Statement



Re: Temple Bar Cultural Trust


The Board of Temple Bar Cultural Trust have confirmed the City Manager’s appointment of the City Arts Officer to the role of Interim CEO of TBCT.


Mr Yeates will retain his position as City Arts Officer.


The serving CEO of TBCT Mr Dermot Mc Laughlin was recently seconded by the Trust to the Derry City of Culture.


The Trust has been the subject of a report in 2011 (The Latitude Report) that suggested that the Company be absorbed into City Council and that Dublin City Council should make itself ready for such an eventuality.


After debate the City Manager as the sole Shareholder of the Trust directed the Board to study the Latitude Report findings and make recommendations to him as to its future.


Simultaneously the City Manager requested the Mr Yeates as City Arts Officer begin to draw up a new Cultural Strategy for the City Council that would include a strategic role for Temple Bar.


The Board of TBCT has been evaluating the Latitude Report for the past year and will continue to do so into 2013 and will bring its recommendation to the City Manager in due course while mindful of the need to draw this period of evaluation to a close in a timely manner for all concerned.



Brendan Kenny


Assistant City Manager


21st November 2012



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