Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Cloyne Report

"There are two types of disasters: visible and quantifiable natural disasters, and invisible, immeasurable psychological disasters. In natural disasters, the power of nature destroys the original order of things, and life and death change places. But invisible and immeasurable psychic disasters take place deep within our psychology, and directly constrain our souls. They are like a scar on the spirit of a nation: What happened? What caused the hurt? Where is the source of the shock? These are eternally avoided questions, eternally sealed mouths, eyes that can never close, wounds that refuse to heal and ghosts that will never disperse." Ai Weiwei

Yesterday was a dark day.
Nobody talks about arrests, or consequences for what happened to the children at Cloyne. Bishop Magee and his able assistant are once again enabled by the State to evade the law, avoid justice and hide the truth. Recognise the place? This is Ireland. This will always be Ireland. There will be no parting of the waters. No escape to a better place. We are alone in aloneness and God would appear to have abandoned us. In this darkness somewhere we must find new hope, new courage, new trust, new truth and new destiny. Leave behind the golden calf that is the Irish State. There is nothing here for us now except to start anew and become the people we desire to be that is how we honour the wrongs of the past.

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