Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Private Water Costs at Dublin City Council - Public Money

Dublin City Council should lead by example and start drinking its own tap water, whats good for the goose is good for the gander.  It would save substantial amounts of money.  The same goes for all public buildings including Dail Eireann, how much are they drinking a year while we all pay for it????  

Lead by example.


Question to City Manager           City Council Meeting 06/02/2012


Can the City Manager furnish me with costs incurred to Dublin City Council with

regards the provision of drinking water supplied by private companies to all its offices

including the Council Chamber.



Mains fed water coolers are used in Dublin City Council offices which are metered for

water usage and charged as other non domestic customers. Dublin City Council has

a contract in place for the service and maintenance of the 61 mains fed water coolers

located throughout the Civic Offices.


This service contract includes 2 (6 monthly) service and sanitisation of all units, with

parts checked as necessary. In addition breakdown cover is provided including

replacement machines, in the event that a problem cannot be rectified on site.

Filters are changed every two years and are due to be changed this year. The units

themselves have an initial purchase cost of €961 plus VAT.


Dublin City Council purchases bottled water in respect of the Fire Services where

bottled water is carried on a fire appliance for fire fighters to consume as required.

Bottled water is also purchased for the Wood Quay Venue. Some sites made

purchases of bottled water during 2011, where possible revised arrangements

have been made to switch to a mains fed supply. In some instances such as City

Hall (Chamber and Exhibition Area) and the Coroner’s Court, areas requiring the

provision of water for elected members or the public are not adjacent to a potable

water supply, typically fed to a kitchen area. In these instances the most appropriate

option for health and safety, and value for money purposes, is the provision of bottled

water coolers. €15,000 was spent on bottled water in 2011.

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