Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Supposed Code of conduct for Charity Collectors Employed by Total Fundraising (Chuggers)

I was sent these codes of conduct by the company that manages fundraising on behalf of all the organisations that are out there blocking and impeding your right of way, while using aggressive and unacceptable methods to extract your hard earned cash which they (the company Total fundraising.ie get a hefty slice of.  Collecting on behalf of charities has become a lucrative commercial activity for these companies.  The public need to be informed of this and local authorities are negligent not to have some measure of regulation regarding this kind of sharp practice.  

All complaints for this should be directed both to your local garda station because you are being obstructed on the footpath and also to Dublin City Council (or whatever council you are in) Domains Officer Dermot Johnson dermot.johnson@dublincity.ie


You can also send a complaint to the company that runs all these 'Chuggers' or on street charity collectors to:

Grainne Callan, Client Services





Any member of staff who breaches these, is subject to a disciplinary. To ensure these standards are being met, we have team leaders and coaches in place. On top of this we, along with our charity partners, frequently carry our mystery shopping activities.


Should you ever wish to report any behaviour by our fundraisers outside of these guidelines please do not  hesitate to contact us.


If I can assist you any way further please let me know.


Thank you,




Gráinne Callan

Accounts Executive – Client Services


IFFDR (Irish Fundraising Forum for Direct Recruitment) Abridged Code of Practice*

This Code of Practice concerns itself specifically with unsolicited personal approaches by charities to members of the public for regular support, that are undertaken as part of a fundraising campaign, whether house-to-house or in places of general public access.

1. We always inform the public about who we are employed by, who we represent and that we are paid (if this is the case). This is regardless as to whether the individual signs up or not, but must happen before any form is filled out.

2. We wear ID badges at all times so that the public can verify our names, who we are working for and on whose behalf we are fundraising.

3. We never ask for or accept cash, cheques or property, (except when permission has been granted by the Gardaí or relevant authority).

4. We always explain the long term, regular nature of the gift, and we always allow time for people to ask questions. We give a copy of the completed mandate form to the donor after they sign up.

5. We ensure that forms with personal details provided by donors are handled in a secure manner at all stages.

6. We ensure that particular caution is exercised when soliciting from vulnerable people.

7. We never mislead the public. We do not say anything, or behave in any way, which might bring our

employer, or any charity into disrepute. We remove all branded clothing/apparel when taking


8. We never walk whilst talking with members of the public. We never follow the public to ATM

machines. We take care to ensure excessive forms of pressure/guilt are not used in conversation

with the public, or when trying to attract them.

9. We end the conversation in a polite and courteous manner as soon as we are asked.

10. We never say, do or display anything for which we have not been given permission by the charity.

11. We only intend to sign up people over the age of 18 years


12. We have a contact number/address to which supporters and the general public can send complaints

or queries. Complaints can be referred to any or all of the following parties:

 A Team Leader on the site The charity concerned (contact details below)

The Irish Fundraising Forum for Direct Recruitment (contact details below)


13. If a complaint is received, it is recorded and the complainant’s name and contact details are taken. We commit to ensure that the complaint is referred immediately to the organiser of the activity and that a response is given to the complainant within two working days.

14. We work in a group with other fundraising organisers to ensure avoidance of clashes and overburdening the public. We take great care to minimise congestion to members of the public and retail traders.


15. We do not obstruct ATMs, entrance points to retail premises or other buildings.


16. Where possible, we tell the public how the charity will communicate with them after subscribing and

if they are likely to receive a follow-up phone call we inform them of this.

17. We recommend that, where paid, fundraisers are remunerated in such a way as to minimise the

likelihood of undue pressure being placed on the public to donate.

18. We do not fundraise on the doorstep after 9pm.

Street and door-to-door fundraisers receive initial and ongoing training from the charity and from their fundraising organisation (where applicable). The quality and standards of their work is monitored and reviewed. Compliance with this Code of Practice is monitored through supervision and anonymous participation (sometimes called "mystery shopping") by both the charity and the organiser.


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