Monday, February 1, 2010

Be a candidate, be a contender.....

Theres so much coming in these days that its hard to decipher it all. What I can say is this it is my belief that we are allowing ourselves to be hoodwinked on all matters concerning this State. Where is the voice of people? Where is the real opposition? One of the most telling things of recent times was the debate around the inquiry into the banking scandal. Interesting that all of the opposition were against the terms of reference of this inquiry. Yet those very same references were used for the Murphy and Ryan reports into Clerical abuse and not a murmur out of them. Because both these inquiries are a peculiar form of official 'whitewash'. Bishops heads may have rolled on account of the Murphy report nobody rolled for the inquiry into residential institutions. These 'boyos' and 'girlos' are still in the business of containing the whole of the Irish people on the Island of Ireland and not letting anything break out and move us on are we to continue to be inward looking? Are we to continue to listen to those who do not speak the truth? Are we destined to remain entangled, co-dependent, rudderless, mass of screaming howling humanity?
Everybody should now consider themselves a candidate in the Mayor elections. It is not that expensive to be a candidate, to be a contender, to be somebody. The more of us in the ring with them, the less chance they have to practice their containment of us. Individually it is your call. Up to you to stand up and honour yourself in doing so you encourage us all and we are willing to break the chains that bind us.

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