Wednesday, February 17, 2010

City Limits, Red sails in the sunset...

Tomorrow in DCC the traffic policy group debate and discuss the issues arising around the 30km speed limit. Its important for this city and its future that there is no about turn on this vitally important milestone in Dublin city. For too long we have put up with the 'battle field' that is our roadways. Just as people are entitled to the enjoyment of their car and the road, so too is the pedestrian and cyclists and citizens/visitors alike. Speed is a choice not a necessity, certainly the speed junkies out there are suffering withdrawal symptoms. We can't continue to feed this habit by lifting the speed restriction. A day at a time, a traffic light at a time and we can all enjoy the City once more. No 'U" turn on the 30km! Come out and support the effort tomorrow ring the bell on your bike, wear your speedos! get your best cycling or rambling outfit on...gear down into stroll mood, get into the swing of things in the unthreatening atmosphere of the 30km zone. If you wanna get there fast you better slow down, the quickest place of all, the most immediate place is the present.

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