Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No miracles in the Vatican, no smoke no mirrors!

What were they expecting those that were expecting?
Was it wondrous words and miracle cures,
was it the second coming,
was it a morsel of truth,
even an utterance of bewilderment and confusion,
Why did they go there in the first place,
and why did we follow,
if only through the eyes and ears of the media,
the biggest devil of them all.
Whose side is who on?
Who pays the fiddler not to play the tune,
All we have we hold,
best not to give our sorrows, our traumas, our betrayals,
into the hands of those who trespass against us in the first place.
Are we back doing the same thing, trusting in the untrustworthy.
Somewhere in our past somebody mis-nurtured us,
entangled us in a screaming traumatic co-dependency,
you hurt me you bastard, now unhurt me.

He who looks to Rome, should turn the other cheek,
and keep turning, there is nothing in Rome except Italians.
Two States in a state. One in denial.
Give a guess which one that is.
keep guessing its as good as any job,
we're good at guessing, here in Ireland.
We guess our way out of most things.

So back to the Bishops and the Pope
and the press statements and the press briefings
and the media frenzy and all the hysteria
and wrecklessness and hopelessness
and hope that something would be said
that was said in the beginning, that was the word.
and the word was 'love' and we betrayed that love
and in betraying that love we betrayed that God,
that God, that we call, the one true God,
The God of all,
and we ourselves as bishops and pope became a cult,
like the other cults.
self-centred, and self-protected above all, for our own greater glory.

Hurt thrives when its unowned, when its unloved, uncared for,
it roams aimlessly in a modern contemporary purgatory,
branded and labeled like a cheap product in a 50cent shop,
We must turn our faces away, turn our thoughts to a quietness,
from the flashing bulbs and the roaming hungry cameras,
from the Newsflash breaking stories,
we must turn to our own lives, to our own truth and to what happened.
To what really took place,
and thats really still in place.
That this Church and this State indemnified each other against any liability or wrong doing and in doing so cemented the lie, secured a denial, delivered the slap in the face to end all slaps in the face.
So the visit to Rome is like the sexed up document, the weapon of mass destruction, its part of the 'big lie' that we all want to hear, somethings happening, when nothing is happening,
nothings changing,
all is the same,
I hear a Bishop saying to another Bishops ear " they're looking at us, they're listening to us, they're expecting, they're back believing, we have them by the bollicks, they're feeding from our hands, like the ducks in the green"
its mesmerising what an economy class to Rome can do for the Catholic Church and its Bishops.

As the old saying goes, the cheque is in the post,
and so is change
The best thing you can do
is don't engage at all with anything to do with the Church of the Catholic faith
until you see that real Faith which is about change.

See the difference,
Do the difference,
Notice the change.

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  1. Very powerful and important...
    Are you the only angry man in Ireland?