Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lost in Freedom

If the Mahon tribunal did one thing, it convinced all of those criminals out there that they are not alone and that they were justified in their actions.  It gives confidence to the lie that criminality as practiced by the law breakers is justified because our politicians are at it and there is no imprisonment or custodial sentence as a consequence, only the ridiculous notion that your reputation and standing is forever tarnished.

It is no different for the hierarchy of the church who concealed crime and were rewarded for it by Pope Benedict, Mr Ratzinger and the Irish State who never investigated them for concealment and joint venture criminality.

What signal, what reflection, what attraction does this present when one is faced with the many desires and temptations and distractions that are snapping at our heels to undermine the great humanity and the great endeavor for good over evil. This is the great seducer that is the norm here, and you can get away with it. Suppressing all rationale of what is wrong and weakening the resistance to do the right thing.

The petty criminal, the sophisticated embezzler, the fraudster and the dictator tyrants all take comfort when enterprises such as depicted in the Mahon tribunal go unpunished and the consequences are yet again visited on struggling society.

This can only lead to the further erosion of society, its aims and its values with regard to the advancement of humanity ever increasing the possibilities of its total collapse.  There is no example anymore.  We are left to the fantasy of the society striving for the good with images of brave, courageous, honest leaders.... a mere myth. 

Beware now of the murky press, the smoke of their past engagement and involvement with these individuals in high office has not quite left the atmosphere.  It wasn't too long ago when they couldn't heap enough praise on these individuals.  Mind now, their slithery move to the high moral ground.  When they were the very ones that neglected their duty to inform the public 


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