Tuesday, February 12, 2013

An Act of Cultural Vandalism

Architorture, Castle Street, Dublin
Here is the reply to all your queries about the concrete slab that was placed at Castle Street. Read and weep!
Question to Dublin City Manager Feb 2013
Can the Manager issue a report with regard the closure of Dublin Castle to tourists and historical tours. Also can the report include the works that are taking place in Castle Street, Cork Hill entrance to City Hall which is I believe is in relation to erecting flagpoles.

The closure of Dublin Castle to tourists and historical tours as required by events in relation to Ireland’s presidency of the EU Is a matter for the Office of Public Works.

Traffic bollards have been placed at the junction of Dame St and Cork Hill to provide more protection to pedestrians. City Hall is on the Dubline walk from Trinity to Kilmainham and the left turn from Parliament St can be very busy, the bollards provide a traffic calming measure.

Dublin City Council has placed a concrete structured behind the bollards as the council felt a strong visual block was also necessary. This structure is temporary and will include three flagpoles. Dublin City Council will address access to City Hall and the council’s Rates Offices through a Part VIII planning application shortly which will incorporate the permanent proposals for this area. The council anticipates that this application will go before the Elected Members in summer 2013 at the earliest.

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