Tuesday, February 5, 2013

An Act of No Contrition

Time to kill the myth that Religious congregations and the State cared for people back then or even now. The women of the Magdalene were the raw material, the work force, that gave many of these congregations their economic existence. The poor, kept poor, were always enslaved. This has nothing go to do with religion or God but got to do with enterprise. Enterprises of indoctrination, subservience and slavery. This same construct is evident in the way the struggle of the Magdalene women is being rolled out to the public. The absolute insult and cowardice of the religious congregations involved to merely issue a press apology rather than actually face the public and society is evidence of the indifference of the superiors of the organisation. They are out of touch with humanity. They are out of touch with the pain and suffering of others. They certainly must be dislocated from their own feelings. They truly have removed themselves from their very vocations and are obviously only concerned with Vaticanism and their own preservation and status. They have no cause to exist now, other than their bogus claim of caring and healing and mercy. They certainly showed none today. The media and its personalities and celebrities need to get away from their own sense of patronizing and sentimentalizing the issues and the people who were incarcerated in all of Ireland's institutions and stop projecting their uncomfortability of the issue back onto those who are struggling for truth and accountability. We're not helpless morons with low IQ's to be locked away from society. Step aside and let the truth of the people who were in these institutions emerge uncontaminated and 'unstolen' into society. The exact same modus operandi of the powerful and those who pretend or purport to speak on behalf of the voiceless was again raging all around us today in media circus. That facts of the matter are, that Ireland, along with other despot regimes, carried out cruel and inhumane treatment on vast numbers of it's citizens. The Magdalene Laundry issues are not stand alone. They emerge alongside a culture of abuses that were perpetrated in hundreds of institutions in this State, from nursing homes to mental homes to industrial and reform schools, mother and baby homes, so called orphanages, magdalene laundries, jails, prisons and borstals. Irish society has a fake view of itself as a Christian caring society and prides itself on its grandiose charitable gestures and its great work on behalf of the poor. Yet today, the simplest gesture of all, an apology, was refused and a Nation, its people and those gravely wronged were forsaken.  And those that should have been seen in the practice of atonement, which is their vocation, were hiding behind their convent walls, paid for out of Magdalene labour.  Who now should we command the truth, the whole truth and the honest truth from?  Who now will come to our refuge with the saving words of apology?  Or are we to continue the journey or torment and indifference brought about by the extraordinary arrogance of our present leader, An Taoiseach Enda Kenny and his Government. 

And all of this was done in the name of Jesus.


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