Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Continuity of Secrecy and Clandestine Operations

The Continuation of Dark Manoeuvres
True to form the secret Irish State still has not indicated where it will release and at time it will release the long awaited Senator Martin McAleese report into the Magdalene Laundry system.  The continuation of regimes of secrecy is alive and well in the manner this report is being engineered in a controlled fashion into the public domain.  Divide and conquer and separate and drip feed is the order of the day.  The same modus operandi happened around the other reports into the regimes of terror that took place in Ireland's institutions.  The Ryan report, the Ferns report, the Cloyne report, the Raphoe report, and all such reports where the State and the Church were found to be in collusion were all released to a frenzy of media confusion and within a couple of days had died off without any real accountability or consequences for those that had gravely wronged generations of children, women and girls.  No surprise so folks, that Senator McAleese, the State and all those involved in this report are partaking in an architecture of secrecy and bogus confidentiality around such vital public information.  They need to wake up and treat the public and public information with greater respect.  The lack of information of what time and where this report will be released is causing unnecessary anxiety, stress and trauma to tens of thousands of those stigmatized and labeled by Magdalene laundryism through out the world. This whole episode will now cascade into an unnecessary media frenzy and over energized fast-track analysis of its contents rather than any real moment of truth and confirmation of the terrible wrongs that this State and this society perpetrated on the many. What we know for certain though, is that this is merely going to prolong the misery journey for many as to date, all of the former reports have amounted to nothing other than a whitewash and an indifference to human rights abuses. #justiceformagdalenesNOW

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